Sustainable Management


HME pursues the environmental friendly, social contribution,
transparent governance structure for becoming to be developing more company in future and tomorrow than today.
  • Environment
  • Social
  • Governance
HME has been trying for the environmental friendly products development for protection of environment and HME pursues the environmental friendly consumption and production with our partnered companies. Also, we reject the unnecessary reproduction product by extending the life cycle by producing the best quality products.
HME has been practicing the action which for social responsibility and ethical company from director first. And HME pursues to create for beautiful society value and the consumer and producer coexist and workers and company community.
HME maintains the fair business relationship to guaranteed the mutual benefit in transparency business condition from all of the persons concerned for transparency and rational business and HME rejects to every solicit which can be hindered the fairness about duty and HME won’t accepted the unfair benefit and HME pursues to grow together through the win-win partnership.